Elk Hide Drum

14" Translucent Elk Hide drums
Sale: $280.00

The picctured 14" Translucent Elk Hide drum with Blue Dreamcatcher and Deer Horn is a sample of Laurie's drum making. Custom drums can be ordered, and courses are offered through www.morningstartransformations.com

Laurie Morningstar has been making drums since 1996. She Sundanced for 8 years and now facilitates healing through Emotional Alchemy and sound healing. Laurie is also an Ascension teacher guiding people into the Sacred Heart to experience Unity Consciousness. Her drums are made with love and prayer to create healing vibrations. Kits are also available in a dream catcher web design on the back or created for sweatlodge.

Units in box: 1
1KG / 2.2Lbs / Dimensions: 7 x 14 x 14 inches