Northwest Coast Native Sea Otter Print by Trevor HuntNorthwest Coast Native Sea Otter Print by Trevor Hunt

Kwagiulth Sea Otter

Kwagiulth sea otter by Kwakiutl artist Trevor Hunt. Limited edition
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“Otter” by Trevor Hunt  in a limited edition series of 200

Otter feasts on the abalone, an ancient form of shell fish found in the Pacific Northwest waters. The beautiful shell of the abalone is traditionally used to adorn ceremonial regalia of the Northwest Coast First Nations peoples. The second face reveals Man’s ability to

transform into Otter, proving the human connection to our animal brethren. Trevor Hunt, born in 1975, is from the Fort Rupert area of the Northwest Coast of British Columbia. The father of three children, Trevor comes from a long line of master carvers who have been instrumental in the survival of the Kwaguilth art form, including his father Stan Hunt, his uncles Eugene Hunt and Tony Hunt Jr. Trevor’s Grandfather was Henry Hunt, and his great-grandfather, Mungo Martin (Chief NaKePenkem).
Trevor has been painting Kwaguilth myths and stories since he was 10 years old, and began carving under the tutelage of his father in 1997. His work is in many galleries in North America.

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