Spirit Guides print by Northwest Coast artist Derek C. HeatonSpirit Guides print by Northwest Coast artist Derek C. Heaton

Spirit Guides by Derek C. Heaton

"Spirit Guides". Mik'maq artist Derek Heaton. Limited edition print of 199
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‘Spirit Guides’ by Derek C. Heaton Number in a limited edition series of 199

When we enter into this world we are promised protection through Sisuitl, the two-headed serpent, and knowledge from the Killer Whale. Raven can transform at will, and we are given the choice at birth of becoming anything we want to be. With Eagle we learn to pray, and Thunderbird presents us with the power, courage and strength to overcome and carry on. Bear provides care giving and nurturing so we can continue throughout our journey, while Salmon provides food for sustenance. When the Hummingbird arrives, good things are sure to follow. Wolf continues to provide and protect.

‘Spirit Guides’ is a limited edition print in a primary series of 199 with 10 Printer’s Proofs, 12 Artist’s Proofs and 8 Remarques. Printed using five plates and metallic inks on 22 x 24 in. Cougar Natural 80 lb cover stock. Created from an original painting by Derek C. Heaton. June 2008.

Derek Christian Heaton was born in 1970 into Mik'maq ancestry. He was adopted by a Norwegian mother and Canadian Father. Growing up in rural Quebec, he discovered a love for nature. Since the age of four he was drawing his natural surroundings, and at the age of nine was the recipient of a Canada-wide scholarship from McGill University for a winning brochure design.

In 1998, Derek started on a journey of self discovery and healing through his Native ancestral roots and his inspirations in Northwest Coast Native artists Willie Seaweed, Art Thompson, Clifford George and Tom Paul. His natural gift of carving has garnered acceptance and recognition from the famous Seaweed family, and his masks have been danced at Haida potlatch ceremonies where he received the name 'Cocky Raven', meaning a wealth of charismatic personality. His greatest passion is painting. His work has a touch of genius as they are all his own imaginative designs.

Heaton's work has been featured in several magazines and exhibited in select galleries including renowned Tribal Spirit Gallery and Appleton galleries. His work has also been recognized by Science World's exhibit of First Nations Carvers.

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